Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nine Months

This is pretty much the face of foreshadowing... teething is not fun. This particular month, it was ok. Liam just loved to put everything he could in his mouth.

 (band-aid from his 9 month check up with flu shot)

He's turning into a very active little guy and we like to keep him entertained!  We hit up our first KU Football game, tailgate and all. Liam did great!  We made it through the first quarter and then went out to the tailgate to play with all the other kids. 

Mr. vocal over here has found his voice. Loving the "babababab" in all kinds of tones. He just babbles to himself. If I imitate him, he laughs and makes another noise, then I'll imitate him again, and we go back and forth for a bit. This is especially fun while at Target or the Grocery Store.

He's also just getting stronger and stronger: falling gracefully, crawling very fast and pulling up onto everything to stand.  Definitely a mover on our hands.

His 9 month check up stats: 23 lbs 12 oz (80%) / 30 inches (90%)

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