Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

I grew up with an amazing Father who was constantly my role model and still is today.  Even now as a mother myself and family of my own, my dad is always there to lend a hand, give me advice and be my dad.  You're never to old to have your parents by your side.

I'm so happy that my own son has a dad like that. Just 6 months into being a father, my husband is already the kind, patient and loving dad any child could hope to get. And it melts my heart to see this guy kiss our little boy's forehead each morning, throughout the day and before every night sleep.  The boy once himself that I met in line for beer at a party over 10 years ago.  Happy Father's Day to my husband, the guy that brings smiles and laughs to our baby's face each day. We love you! 

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Face of a Teether

We have a tooth ladies and gents.  Which means we also have loose stools, even more drool (was that even possible), constant need to chew and a baby that wants to be happy really bad, but is having a hard time doing so with this new discomfort.

And man, I don't blame him.  That new tooth feels like a razor blade.

Here's to 31 more...

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