Friday, February 10, 2012

Liam's Duds

Liam is loving Old Navy lately.  So is his mama.  Here are some of Liam's duds:

{Avail @ Old Navy}

And a funny story to go with this.  Me and my little mister were strolling around Old Navy one afternoon, checking out the women's new arrivals and the baby duds.  We were at the back of the store grabbing these bodysuits (adore) when a full adult sized toot came booming out of my little then-9 pound sweet little baby.  Soon after the sound reverberated off the walls, the smell followed.  What just came out of this little guy?

I quickly looked around to see who else might have heard that, because NO ONE would believe that came from that little man.  They'd be looking at the full sized adult pushing him around {me}.  Thankfully... we were in the clear.

Who knew baby's farts were so... pungent and echoey?  Please tell me it's not just my baby.

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