Friday, July 13, 2012

Seven Months

This last month was a big one for us... and rough.

We went on our first Clifford family vacation with little Liam, and he got to experience the beach! That was a great time, but he also had croup right before the trip and then some sort of weird virus that looked like chicken pox when he got back.

From 6 to 7 months, Liam spent probably 3 weeks sick. He was so uncomfortable, couldn't sleep, couldn't go to daycare a few days and had a hard time breathing.  Thankfully my mom was home with him one of the days his croup really spiked up and he got to the doctor for some meds.

Liam really worked on his sitting this past month becoming very good ad it!  He doesn't like to lay down for long, doing sit ups almost every time. He likes to sit up in bed sometimes too and forgets that it's night time. I heard that whenever a baby learns a new trick, it can distract from bedtime as they perform it in bed.  Once he gets use to his new trick, he settles back down.

Happy 7 months, baby love.

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  1. Next up...laps around the crib. You just wait! lol

    What a cute, happy face :)


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