Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birth Story, Part 2

See Part 1 of the Birth Story here.

While listening to sweet Liam belt out his first cries as his holes were suctioned out by the nurse & my husband watching him and taking his first photos, I was on the other side of the tall blue sheet with tears rolling down the sides of my face.  I already loved this little boy more than ever and couldn't wait to see his face.  My husband brought him over to me minutes later and I saw the most beautiful thing ever.

The doctor's worked on closing me up - which actually takes long than to deliver the baby.  Get this, they completely remove your uterus from your body to sew up and check for bleeders.  I had a few bleeders, so closing took a few minutes longer.  Meanwhile, my doctor also informed me that we had indeed made a good call by going in for the c-section...

When I was in labor & Liam wasn't descending down enough, not only was he face up (his forehead wanting to lead the way out vs. crown of his head), but he was also stuck on my pelvic bone.  His head actually couldn't get through.  I wanted to laugh at this.  I have "womanly" hips and his head was of normal size - what do you mean he couldn't get through my pelvic bone?!  Well, my hips may be wide enough, but the bones on the inside at the top of the birth canal are not.  This means, all future babies will also delivered by c-section - at least now we know and no more 18 hours of labor to start with just for fun.

After I was sewed up and ready for the recovery room, I began to get really shaky.  The first hour of recovery is typically (according to my hospital's policy) when I'd hold my baby skin to skin and have alone time with just me, my husband and the baby.  But because I was shaking so bad, they wouldn't let me hold him!  Instead they went ahead with taking his weight and measurements (right in the room next to me) and in the meantime, gave me demerol & warm blankets to calm my post-surgery shakes.

By the time he was measured, weighed and printed, my shakes had calmed down and I was able to hold my baby for the first time. It was an instant bond that I'll always hold close to my heart.  After an hour of cuddling time, we were rolled to our new room where we'd stay for 4 nights...

Stay tuned for Part 3: Hospital stay, beginning breastfeeding woes, baby weight loss and my recovery bumps.


  1. Sniff sniff... Your story made me tear up! I can see the love in your eyes every time you look at little Liam. He's such a miracle.

  2. Whoa. They take the entire uterus OUT? That is amazing. Such cute pic of your first time holding Liam! :)

  3. Beautiful Birth Story!
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  4. Thanks for sharing your experience! I can't wait for part 3. I'm 34 weeks and am so anxious for this thing to happen!


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