Monday, January 2, 2012

Birth Story, Part 1

The birth story of my baby, Liam, really starts 8 days before he was born.  I was admitted into labor and delivery on Wednesday, December 7th (37 weeks and 5 days along) with patterned and strong contractions.

We weren't sure if this was the real deal, but earlier that morning I had lost "the plug" and contractions had started to get stronger and stronger, culminating 5 minutes apart. So there we were in a recovery room, the triage rooms were full and they weren't ready to commit me to a labor room yet, being monitored.  I was putting up the contractions on the screen that I was feeling and they were getting closer and stronger, so that was good, but I wasn't progressing in my dilation.  I came in at 2 and 6 hours later I was only at a 3, so was sent home. I got in the bath for an hour, and boom, contractions slowed way down and over the next few days almost stopped all together.  What the heck!?

At home waiting for something to happen!

Monday, December 12th I had my weekly routine doctor's appointment at 12:45pm.  I went to work in the morning and then met my husband at the appointment.  I was expecting and hoping to have progressed in dilation, but was still at 3 and 70% effaced (where I was at when I left the hospital the Wednesday before).  I was bummed.  But then, my doctor found that my blood pressure was a little higher than usual for me, there was a little protein in my urine, and my reflexes were "jumpy".  She looked at us and said, well, I think it's time.  "I want you to go straight across the street [to labor and delivery] and check in."  Apparently, all these factors were preeclampsia indicators.  The only cure for this is delivery of the baby, and since I was 38 weeks and 3 days along at this point, it was time. Preeclampsia basically means pre-seizure, so it's dangerous for mama and baby.

We checked in to the hospital and this time, given a real labor & delivery room.  This was really going to happen.  We were going to be induced and meet our baby in a matter of hours!  An hour or so later, the staff started the "pit drip" (pitocin to induce labor), but also the "mag" (magnesium drip to manage preeclampsia). The pit and mag have to be balanced because while pit induces labor, a side effect of the mag is it slows labor, so we figured it was going to be a long journey.  They started each out slow tweaking and turning up the drip slowly after seeing how my body was reacting.

My doctor broke my water (ew, that was a weird feeling) and I got an epidural (hated the feeling of them in my back).  The epidural completely deadened my right leg, but I could feel my left leg and hip - this worried me.  As I progressed, the anesthesiologist kept having to give me shots of the "strongest stuff he could give me" to help with my left side and the massive amount of pressure pain I would come to feel.

By the evening I was progressed to a 5 dilation and 80% effaced.   I was still feeling good, watching TV and socializing with my husband, parents and nurses.   Then things started to progress quickly.  Finally!  I went from a 7 to 9 in 45 minutes and at midnight, I thought it was only going to be a bit longer!

Boy was I wrong...

Four and a half hours later, I was still only at a 9-9.5 dilation and in the most pain I could ever imagine.  For some reason, I just wasn't getting over that last little bit and baby boy's head was not dropping.  My doctor and nurse kept putting me in different positions to try to maneuver the head down further hoping that would take out the last little bit of cervix.  By 6am on Tuesday, December 13th we were talking about my options.

My doctor said the baby's head could just be stuck on my pelvic bone, or I could just need more time.  It was hard to say, but I was getting tired fast (um, 18 hours of labor at this point).  So because I had already put in those 18 hours, we decided to try one more position for 30 minutes.  My doctor came back to check on me, and no change.  I couldn't scream c-section fast enough.  It was time for this to be over.

My doctor and the hospital staff flew into action and prepared me and the OR for surgery.  My husband changed into scrubs and joined me at my head just in time for it all to begin.  I was able to stay very calm because of the amazing people working on me.  They were very clear on what was happening (a play by play if you will) and what I should and shouldn't feel.  The anesthesiologist stayed at my head the whole time ready to tweak anything should I feel pain.

I'm guessing here, but about 7-10 minutes after they begin, the baby was delivered.  At 7:17am on Tuesday, December 13th I heard the sweetest cry ever.

Liam came into this world at 8 lbs 3 oz, 20.5 inches long and with strong lungs!

...Part Two later this week on everything else that happened after birth and in the hospital!

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  1. Nicely done Megan. The price for joining the "motherhood club" can be pretty steep, but worth it. Congratulations.

  2. awww so sweet!! i'm really looking forward to part 2, congratulations again!!

  3. Aww, I had a rough delivery... But it's soo true what they say you forget about it after your baby is in your arms. I was in shock from the pain it took me a couple hours to put a smile on my face for my little boy lol so happy for you, little boys are so darn cute.

  4. Congrats!!!! sounds rough, but totally worth it!

  5. This is almost word for word how my 1st L&D went with my daughter. Only I never got past 3cm after 17 hours.

    He's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Congrats Megan! You were so strong; pre-e is no joke. Welcome little man!

  7. I love birth stories. You're my hero, as I haven't done mine yet.

    **hello Liam**


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